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Water Feature Fountains In Landscaping

Who doesn’t like exquisite water feature in their garden? Nothing is more relaxing and peaceful than the sound of running waterfall, pond or fountain. After a long hectic day, you would want to relax by sitting beside a water feature. However, putting a water feature in your home is going to be costly; but you can always opt for an inexpensive option. If you have a nice garden and outdoor area, you should invest in this one-time expense that will let you unwind from stress and help you revitalize every day.
You can choose from among many garden designs for water fountains. It might be a difficult task to choose the appropriate design for your garden. Consider the size of your space, your budget and your garden shape. Following are some amazing water feature ideas that you can implement in your garden design.

Wine barrel fountain

Outdoor fountains area big addition to any landscape. The entire look of your garden space is enhanced with this one feature. Wine barrel idea is sublime for those who enjoy old-rusted objects and are wine devotee. The barrel loop flows from one to another that makes your garden an eye popping display.

Modern Zen fountain

By using the simple and unique design with a dark stone color, the modern Zen fountain can fit into any garden or patio. The classical bowl shape with the clean design gives away the perfect timeless look to your landscape area.

Tranquil pond

Ponds don’t always have to be in an oval or circular shape. You can design a pond with small waterfall at the corner of your garden area; the unique moat pond gives a unique border to the landscape areas with a breathtaking flow while going for your evening walk.

Falling steps waterfall

Benefit from the natural land features rather than trying to level up the uneven terrain, try to integrate this into a landscape design that gives away a unique and artistic standpoint. On the uneven landscape you can shape out falling steps and cover it by placing stones on the steps.The tiered hillside gives you not only a path for flowers but also an innovative way to give water to the grass and other plants framing it.

Mini bubbler

A simple pond bubbler can convert any simple container, birdbath or any other objects shape that holds water into the peaceful fountain that you can place at some place outdoor or indoor. This inexpensive idea can bring beauty to both small and big landscape areas. Water globes can also be a nice addition.

You can decorate your gardens with many of the choices and it can be a fun task to do. You can play with waterfall ideas with the combination of flowers, fishes and lights.


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