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Types Of Garden Lights For Your Beautiful Garden

A garden without lights looks so empty, soul-less and bare. Apart from decoration, lights make your gardens look even more appealing, especially at night. There are a number of garden lights, having different sizes and shapes, but you have to determine which is best for your garden. Given below are some popular types of garden lights that can be used in most of the gardens:

Fairy lights:

One of the most commonly used types of garden lights is fairy lights. It is a kind of decorative light having small sizes and connected with a cord. They are often known as Christmas lights owing to their widespread use for decorating gardens during holiday season. These lights give a very pleasant look so people use them all over the year. Fairy lights have so many varieties; some of them are solar energy powered, run by electricity while others are battery powered. Fairy lights have several colors but white is the most common one.


Spotlights are specifically used when you want to highlight a particular area of your garden like a water feature. They are used for adding a dramatic effect to your garden or to enhance the overall look of your garden. While spotlights draw attention to a particular area, the other corners tend to get a little overlooked.

Peg Lights:

Peg lights are either powered by solar energy or LED. It is very easy to install Peg lights, therefore they are the most common garden lights. Moreover, they are less expensive as compared to other garden lights. Peg lights require less or no maintenance. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colors; so you can choose according to your preference and garden style.

Garden Lanterns:

Another most popular type of garden lights is the lanterns that come in various sizes and styles. Most people prefer hanging lanterns, but there are other varieties as well. These lanterns can easily be hanged at the trees in your garden. Garden lanterns use solar energy or electricity. Some varieties of garden lanterns also use candles.

In-ground lights:

In-ground lights are similar to spotlights, and are mostly embedded at pathways, sideways or at surface of ground. These lights can also be placed under the water or pools. They give a brighter look to your garden at night.

There are no fixed rules on what kind of lights look good in which garden type. You can pick any lights that you like and they are bound to add style to your garden.

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