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Types of artificial grass

Types of Artificial Grass

Life styles have changed drastically since the last few decades. Synthetic items have made their way into our homes, offices and everywhere else. With advancements in science like many other natural things grass has also been replaced by artificial grass. Most of the types of artificial grass cannot be distinguished from natural grass because of their fine textures and quality of the sturdy materials.

Artificial grass feels like natural grass, most of the time, depending on the material it is made of. The look, feel and durability of artificial grass depends on its construction and stuff. More natural looking artificial is usually made of soft materials but is not very durable and does not stand heavy traffic and other damages. The tougher and long lasting artificial grass is typically used for recreation and sports activities. These rough activities can easily perish soft grass, so coarse turf with heavy pile of sturdy material is used. Following are the frequently used types of artificial grass.


Nylon makes the sturdiest artificial grass of all. It endures its structure under all conditions. It can survive high temperatures. Its stiff piles remain stable and secure and hold their shape under extreme temperature and pressures. However, artificial grass made of nylon does not feel soft and supple. Nylon grass is usually used with other expensive turfs to form strong and stable grasslands.


Artificial grass made of polyethylene is the finest one. Its soft texture and lively color makes it the first choice to replace natural grass especially for domestic uses. Playing fields for baseball, soccer and football are usually made of polyethylene. They are generally incorporated with nylon turfs to withstand extreme conditions. They are not only resilient but cost efficient with minimum maintenance.


Polypropylene makes the cheapest form of artificial grass. However, less cost results in a product that is not long lasting. Its fine structure is not very sturdy. It cannot withstand heavy traffic and are quickly damaged with rise in temperature. It loses its shape and texture readily. Domestic golf turfs are made of polypropylene due to its soft roll. The flexible, lightweight polypropylene is also perfect for indoor use.

Different types of artificial grass are used for different situations and activities. The texture and pile also depend on the need of the users. The requirements and budget decide the type of artificial grass to be used. The major reasons for replacing natural grass is also the financial cost of natural grass and the maintenance that it demands. The initial investment on artificial turf is by and large worth it in the long run. They are not high maintenance and are usually long lasting. They withstand wear and tear without losing texture and color.

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