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Natural Grass Maintenance In Hot Weather Of UAE

Beauty of grass:

The beauty of lush green grass cannot be denied. Planting trees and flowers in your garden is one thing, but on the other hand greenery of grass adds to the beauty of the garden. A garden is a place where you can spend your leisure time, relaxing your mind. Garden is not only favorite place of adults, but also children like it equally. Beauty of a garden needs continuous care and maintenance to keep it attractive.

Maintenance of the garden:
You need to spare some time and energy for the maintenance of your garden. A well-maintained garden requires plenty of water. You should start it by using appropriate seeds and plugging small sections of grass from a maintained garden. It can take up to 2 to 4 months of care to develop an eye-catching garden, depending upon the season and location. If you want to set your lawn instantly, you can make use of turf that has mature grass with roots in good soil. Turf is readily available in nurseries.

Gardens in Dubai:

If you are residing in Dubai and have a spacious garden, you might want to hire a gardener to maintain your lawn. You can afford a gardener in Dubai because labor hours are a lot cheaper. Residents of the UAE know that heat of summer can sometimes be too damaging for the garden. Air-conditioners are used indoor in summer, but they cannot help the outside garden. Plants and trees need break from high temperature in summer.

Tips to maintain garden in hot weather of UAE:

  • Morning time is the best time to water the garden. As temperature begins to rise after sunrise, so plants will have good supply of water to deal with the heat of summer.
  • Plan to make use of a large shade tree; it assists in dealing with heat of the summer and, if used properly, it may also lead to substantial drop in cooling costs. An ornamental tree offers fruit, beautiful flowers, bark or leaves.
  • The best method to water your lawn in Dubai is through an irrigation system. Throughout the summer, it should be done 2 times every day for nearly 5 to 7 minutes every time.
  • In order to prevent your grass from turning brown, you need to be very careful, especially in summer. You should be consistent with watering, thatch removal and mowing. If you want to have healthy roots, ensure high mowing there.
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