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Landscaping Ideas For Apartments And Small Homes

If you have a small garden area or you live in an apartment,this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your love for nature and gardening. You can simply design your small landscape area with elegant ideas even at a petite green patch. Some of the unique and creative ideas given below can make your garden or yard fit for a king. Think of something bigger than a patio because the smallest outdoor spaces can be transformed dramatically.

  • Perks of fruits in small garden space:

Don’t let the limited outdoor space stop you from enjoying your own garden fruits. Container gardening is an amazing trick that allows you to grow plants, shrubs, veggies and fruits in a small space. Dwarf variety trees not only beautify but also provide your small space with plentiful dose of vitamin C.Popular dwarf trees you can grow in a small space are Meyer lemon, Dwarf Kaffa Lime Tree and Calamondin. Although all trees don’t thrive in containers butfor longer period of time, but these dwarf varieties are suitable for living in containers.

  • Terrace paradise:

Yes! A beautiful green terrace in your small apartment is possible. Having a small living place doesn’t mean that you cannot have a green terrace; you can decorate the boundaries or your terrace with flowers and shrubs that will ultimately change your terrace to natural paradise. You can enjoy your morning breakfast and a calm afternoon tea time there.

  • Who says small can’t be beautiful?

Irrespective of your apartment’s size, a small side garden or balcony transforms the appearance into a much spacious place. You can also plant some bushes at the border of your small space; you can decorate the bushes with your chosen lilies and handpicked bonsai and much more. At the side walls, you can kneel small 5×5 size square boxes and plant some tea or mint leaves in it. Also, you can experiment with different colors of flowers.

  • Every inch counts:

Even in a small open space,you can set up a garden table for a romantic candle light dinner. You can avoid planting grass and fill the space with plants and pavers by the boundry wall. Set up tiny lights above if there’s a tree shade or by the wooden ceiling panels above. A gravel circle by the concrete edges gives room for the fire pit andoutdoor lounge. Brick pavers and gravel altogether with beautiful lush green plants lets you enjoy a beautiful outdoor area even in a tight space.
All these wonderful ideas can benefit you and let you enjoy the natural lush green beauty in your small space.

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