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Which One Should You Opt For Your Trees: Cutting, Removing or Trimming?

If you are surrounded by a lot of trees and greenery, you must consider yourself lucky as a breath of fresh air is not so common nowadays. Trees provide us with oxygen and help cool the environment along with giving out positive vibes. Yes, that’s true! Trees and greenery bring positive energy around you and help you remain at peace, within.

However, this green beauty can also become a problem at times. Too much wild green plants can damage your property or increase the number of insects and bugs around you. Hence, it is best for you to keep your gardens mowed all year round.

Everyone needs a different way to keep their gardens maintained, depending on the climate in their surroundings; for example, if you are residing in a dry, hot place, your garden might require tree trimming whereas, in a cold place, tree cutting might appear as the best option.

Tree cutting

Tree cutting, also known as felling, is a process of cutting trees that have grown wild and are now dead, diseased or just grown in the wrong place. You can cut the trees around you yourself as well to save some money, but that is a very risky thing to do; so, it’s always best to hire someone who offers tree cutting services. Tree cutting can make your garden look spacious and fresh.

Tree removing

The process of tree removal is almost like tree cutting however, in this process, even the stump is removed from the ground. It gives you space to plant a new tree or fruit. At times, tree removing is essential for the health and safety of your property as a diseased tree can harm your building.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming is basically like grooming a tree. In this process, only the dead leaves and branches are cut to enhance the tree’s shape, health and flowering. Make sure you get this service from an experienced professional as it a highly technical job and if not done the right way, it can ruin the look of your whole garden.

What is best for you?

If you are now wondering which service does your garden need, well, as mentioned above, it depends on the climate in your area. If you live in Dubai, tree trimming is definitely the best option for you as it will help in keeping your home/office cool and absorb the heat. It will also provide you with fresh oxygen which is very much needed, especially in an industrialised place like Dubai.

You can contact Afnan landscaping to book their expert team for your garden’s needs. Their professionals will evaluate your trees as well as the entire garden and then treat it in the best way possible.

What are you waiting for? Book your appointment right now and get a gorgeous garden in no time and with absolutely no effort!

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