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The Art Of Wood Decking In UAE

In architectural designs, a wooden deck is a flat surface that is capable to support the weight that is the same as the floor but it is usually built outdoor that is sometimes higher from the ground and mostly it’s connected with the building. This term typically relates to the generalization of wooden decks on the ships. In UAE wooden decks are becoming very common in households and we usually see them in restaurants as well. The modern living style in UAE is inspired by the latest architectural trends.

Wooden decks for gardens

The wooden decks at the backside of your garden look more organic and blend in well with the stones, concrete and bricks. Further, they are just like fine wine bottle that just gets improved with its age. They for sure look amazing when they are all new and shiny but with the passage of time they become a part of the landscape instead of it appearing to be a tacked-on decoration that is not of much use

Composite wood decking in the UAE

There are different decking solutions in UAE from hardwood and pressure-treated wood decking. Composite wood decking materials are highly involved in material covering. Due to its excellent benefit, so many people opt for buying wood decking materials because it brings up the actual grace of wood. The real wood decking is preferred by most of the people opting for wooden decks at home.

The high-quality wood decks give a natural look and also guarantees the longevity of the wooden decks. Whereas wood decks also need high maintenance as compared to the composite decks while having more chances to rupture because it’s a natural product. Although every deck has its own advantages and disadvantages, it’s up to the customers to tell what is most appealing to them which is as per their budget.

Wood decking solutions

The type of wooden deck is chosen based upon the topography area, people who are the real wood lovers in UAE can go for buying western and European manufacturers wood decks with the finest hardwood, pool decks, panels, and floor decks. These decks can be easily found in the local market as well.

Mainly wood decking is the most amazing material for leaning, rough or draining sites that provide easy and operational transition among the different levels. There are many decking materials that you can use, all the decking types have their own maintenance, price range, and aesthetics that have developed their popularity.

Wood decking materials

There are three common types of wood decking that includes cedar, pressure-treated wood, and redwood that is made of different forms of wood species. Cedar and redwood naturally are rot and insect resistant that have a natural appearance having their own inherent problems.  Other common wood deck materials found in UAE are Mahogany, ipe, and teak that have their own cons and pros. whereas the lifelong and beautiful mahogany is quite expensive and it will increase the cost considerably if the deck is big.

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