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Rooftop Gardens And Planters That You Must Try In 2020

Gardens always add allure to the architecture. If you think you need a huge area or ground to build a garden think again! You can turn your plain and boring rooftops into a peaceful refuge. And what could be better than having serenity inside your house? Just imagine a beautiful day a cup of coffee and a magnificent collection of refreshing blossoms and greenery at your rooftop damn such a boon!

So if you are considering this idea of transforming your tar rooftops into heavenly aesthetic we are here at your service! Let’s dig into some salient things and ideas that you shouldn’t miss while building a rooftop garden.

Open gardens are Preferable:

Rooftop gardens are mostly small so if you keep it open it will look bigger. Also, it will be more windy and sunny this way. But still, if you want to keep it close try to go for glass Instead of wood or parapet walls. For privacy issues, you can consider blind rolling shades so you can close it whenever you want.

Raised beds:

If you have a strong roof that can support the weight it is great to create raised beds around the walls. You can add metal or wooden raised beds too.  It can work as a container for plants while giving a voguish look to your roof.

But For this, make sure to use a waterproofing membrane and a thick root barrier to avoid the penetration of roots and prevent the damage to the roof.

Diversity of plants and sizes:

While planting avoids crowding your rooftop area, in rooftop garden design it is foremost to maintain the diversity in the size of plants. Consider the size of the plant according to the place where to place it.  Use some shrubs, few large plants, ground covers, and annuals. Use taller plants if you don’t like the view from your terrace. Containers of different sizes can also give it a dope look.


Never forget the flooring. Consider flooring according to what suits areas climate and accommodate the theme of your rooftop garden.


Lighting a rooftop makes it look bigger and defined. Use aesthetic lights preferably candle-like or lanterns like to give your roof an exotic and peaceful vibe.

Experiment with colors and plant types:

Play with colorful blossoms and different kinds of unique plants according to the seasons and space you have to make your place look even grandeur.


 Make a focal point like a fountain, pot sets, scenery, painting, statue or any kind of decoration that grabs attention at first sight. It will give a unique element to your garden to make it stand out of the ordinary.


Considering experienced staff from landscaping services companies are always recommended for rooftop garden building. Because such work is way too hard to handle by a normal person it requires a lot of planning, measurements, and hard work. It is not a one man job. If you skip this and try to furtively build it at your own you may regret later.

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