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Qualities of Palm Trees

Palm trees are one of their own kind in beauty and aesthetics. It can add up to 2 times to the value of your property. In fact, there are very experienced, and professional palm trees supply and installation companies are providing best services.

Not only its ultimate structure and height make it an elite pick among other trees, but also it has some very useful characteristics that make it special. So here, we will be talking about some of the qualities and astounding facts about palm trees. Let’s dig in!


Over 2,500 species of palm trees are present in this world. From the desert to the rainforests, Arecaceae family of plants includes several species all around the world. You can get your favorite according to the atmosphere of UAE from landscape maintenance services company.


We all know that coconut comes from palm trees but not only coconut there are a lot of other staples that comes from palm trees. Dates, betel nuts and acai fruit – all come from palm trees. Palm oil, as the name implies, also comes from the fruit of oil palm tree.


Palm trees grow longer upright; they grow straight up. Palm trees are branchless. They grow to exceptionally great height; the tallest palm trees can grow up to 197 feet. They are actually famous for their height among other characteristics. Colombia’s national tree, The Quindio wax palm, is the tallest tree.

As we are talking about the qualities of palm trees, here I would like to add a famous quote by psalmists,

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree”

Types of leaves:

Palm trees have very huge and unique leaves. Its leaves give very beachy vibes, especially in hot countries like UAE, it looks spectacular.

There are mainly two different types of leaves in palm trees.

  1. Palmate: Palmate leaves are more like hands; they grow in a bunch at the end of the stem.
  2. Pinnate: Pinnate have feather-like leaves, that grows all along either side of the stems.

The difference between palm trees and plants:

There is some misconception about palm trees and palm plants. Not every palm tree is actually the palm plant. Some evergreen plants can grow in the form of shrubs, trees or long, woody vines – they are known as lianas. Plants like yucca palm, sago palm, traveler’s palm and Torbay palm are considered as the family of the Arecaceae, but they are actually not.

Palm wine:

Palm wine is also known as “kallu”. In Africa and regions of Asia, palm wine is a common alcoholic spirit. It can be made from the Chilean wine palm. Date palms, coconut palms and other species of palm family are also used in this regard.

Palm trees and Human History:

It is found by archaeologists that in Mesopotamian society, the date palms were commonly used for food and other purposes. Palm branches were a symbol of triumph in Romans, they used to give that to the triumphant champions of wars and games.

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