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Ideas For Adding Water Features To Your Landscape

The soft sound of flowing water gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. If you are having a landscape, start spotting an area where you can easily add water features. Landscapes don’t need to be limited to hardscapes and plantings; adding a little water feature will open up your yard and can yield opportunities for visual impact.

Water features will give you natural scenery that provides relief from the stress of the day. You will definitely enjoy the richness and soothing qualities of water features. Decorative water features are a beautiful and refreshing way to give your landscape a new face. Usually, fountains and ponds are affordable landscape ideas if you are planning to add a splash of water.

Water has a soothing effect:

The sound of flowing water has numerous beneficial effects; it helps to relax your mind and body. There are several options like stones, pool waterfalls, and fountains which you can select for your personal landscape water features. Before you start doing this, make sure you are ready as it takes time, energy and a healthy budget as well. Use smart ideas that will help you to decide which water feature perfectly goes with your home.

Running water from the top:

Create a layer of wood with several levels that can easily carry water down to a small pool. For this, you need a fountain pump that will help carry water on the top. In this way, it can stream down with a soothing sound and flow.


You can add a natural looking water pond that brings peace. You can purchase a pond and fountain combination kits that take very little space. Further, pumps and filters are very necessary to keep the water clean. Adding a few lights will be a wow factor for the landscape.

Stone water fountain:

A stone water fountain is basically a blend into natural surroundings. This is a unique idea and it is ideal among a landscape of pebbles and flowering plants. Many people in the UAE go for this amazing idea.

Wall of water:

The water wall is an amazing idea, especially for UAE, but you will need to invest some extra money. It needs around $300 to make as it structures should be five feet tall and a half feet wide. This can be easily set against a wall in the garden. Only the trough is needed to be near the garden wall.

Flower Pot fountain:

It is a very easy and affordable fountain. You can make it with the help of flower pots and beautiful stones. Water splashes must be above six or eight inches so that it can flow down into pots for relaxing sound effect.

Cascade multi-level ponds:

You can make a long rectangular waterway and construct it into two levels. Additionally, a bridge can be created by descending stones steps that will look so alluring and you can enjoy a cascading water effect.

So, if you are having a small corner in your gallery or a spot in your garden that can accommodate a water feature, then definitely go for this option. Start the design process today by employing services of landscape maintenance services in UAE and you will not regret the money spent on it.

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