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How To Select Perfect Palm Trees For Your Property In UAE?

Trees are the number one friend of the climate. Not only they groove the climate, but they also make landscapes look more astonishing. Especially, for a hot country like UAE, palm trees are elite choice, as a glorious miracle of nature. With widely spread leaves and strong textured stem, Palm trees give a luxurious look and a perfect summer vibe. 

You may have seen them at beaches, but they look equally exotic in courtyards, indoors and gardens. There are many types of palm trees for different climates and environments. So if you are looking for a palm tree, you must keep in mind certain things in order to choose an appropriate one according to the place. 

If you want to turn your place into a lavish spot and are confused about which one to pick, don’t fret, we have got you covered for saving you from this hassle. Here are certain things to contemplate while selecting a palm tree. 

Appropriate Environment and Climate:

Select the type of palm tree that goes well with the climate of your property; because not all palm trees can cope with all kinds of weather. Palm trees are mostly manifested in tropical and coastal areas and are habituated to warm locations. 

Queen palms and canary island date palms can grow well in cold temperatures better than other palms. Different palm species have different properties and reaction to the temperature. 

Indoor palms:

Palms are not restricted to big courtyards only. If you are enamored to the beauty and texture of palms but don’t have a property accordingly, you can go for indoor palms. There are medium-sized palm trees with the same structure of leaves and stem but in an appropriate size for indoor placement. 

Indoor palm trees like Pygmy date palms are suitable for houses, offices, balconies and small backyards. They do well in plant pots. It is better to consult landscape consultancy services companies for ensuring proper fertilization and benefit from the expertise of professionals.


It depends on the species, as some palm trees thrive in the exposure of the sun while some need shade. Consider the palm’s toleration of the sunlight during the installation of palm trees, especially for outdoor one, choose the place accordingly. 

Water saturation:

Not all palms need a lot of watering; still, many palms need the right amount of waterlogging. People living in a dry place have to invest in the irrigation of palms. Again, don’t overlook this cost – Palm tree supply and installation companies can guide you about the costs better.

Growth rate:

Pondering over the growth rate of the palm is most important. Different palms species have different growth rates; some palms reach a height of 50 feet or more. Whereas, some palms don’t grow much taller. Consider the size accordingly. 

If you are busy and don’t have enough time to take care of your yard, you should go for a landscape maintenance services company. Their experienced gardeners and advanced professionals take good care of your yard.

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