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How To Make Your Garden Designs Even More Attractive?

There are many people who are obsessed with gardens and want to make their gardens look appealing. Gardens, whether simple or full designed, need special attention and planning. You really need to take care of your gardens on daily basis so that proper care can be ensured. Whenever you plan to design a garden, you must pay special attention to some elements. If you are not able to achieve the required results, then you there are some alternatives that can help you.

Elements of garden design and landscaping:

Here are some of the elements that can add to the beauty of your gardens:

Consider the line:

One of the most important things for the good garden design and landscaping is to maintain a proper line. Everything that you see in a good garden design involves a line; therefore you have to maintain the line. Lines are described in four ways that are vertical, horizontal, straight and curved. These all lines carry equal importance, and all of them have their own usage. The lines that have a strong effect can draw your eye into the setting.

Light up the garden:

Light is one of the most significant elements, not only for the people that visit the garden but also for the plants themselves. Indeed, light gives life to plants. What is more beautiful than visiting a decorated garden in evening or morning? The light used can be artificial or natural, you can use a low voltage light in order to extend the garden hours during the evening. Make clever use of natural light by trapping it inside and slanting it at certain angles as required.

Take care about the texture:

Texture is something that really matters in a good garden. It is not wrong to say that the texture of several plants induces emotional responses. By the characteristics of texture, the plants are divided into three groups that are coarse, fine & medium. The plants that have the features of coarse texture are usually large having hard materials. The plants having fine texture include ferns or grass that having delicate structure. On the other hand medium texture lies in between.

Create a strong form:

A garden is no garden without contrasting colors and forms. Gardens look so boring if there is no variation in them. Therefore in order to create a contrasting look, there must be a lot of plants having different colors.

Pattern of your garden:

Basically pattern means the repetition of the shapes. Undoubtedly patterns are the source of charm and rhythm as well. When you will create a pattern, you must consider light and shadow being the part of the palette. Pattern can be used for the drawing the attention at the specific corner of the garden. But do not overdo it; avoid those patterns that can overwhelm.

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