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How can you estimate cost of tree removal services?

Trees can give a beautiful look to your space and neighborhood. At times, because of various reasons, you might need to cut down a tree. If you are looking for tree removal services, and are worried about its cost and other details, we have got you covered. Here, we are going to help you learn the details about the different types of tree removal services and their cost.

First of all, there are many tree removal companies serving in UAE. These companies handle everything very professionally. Digging into the details, different trees have a different cost of removal. The following aspects and conditions affect the price of tree removal services.

Average cost:

Although there is no actual figure of value, it is just an idea to guide. The average cost charged to the house owners for removing a tree ranges between $75 and $2500. The average cost for having a tree removed is $650.

Height of the tree:

Many landscape consultancy services companies charge according to per feet height of the tree. 30’ tall or less are considered as small trees; from 30’ to max 60’ are considered as medium trees. Any trees taller than this figure is considered as a tall tree.

Dead trees:

There are many kinds of dead trees. They are charged according to height and condition both. It is advised to remove any dead tree before it causes damage to your property. It will also ruin the look of the landscape around it.


The diameter of the tree or thickness of the tree also contributes in the effort required for tree removal. The thicker the tree is, the more effort required to remove it. It is hard to remove a shorter and thick tree than a thin and tall tree. The per-hour wage that you pay to laborers will be increased due to more prolonged procedure and more effort.


Where the tree is located also affects the procedure and cost. Location is considered in two aspects, whether it is located in a residential area or industrial one. It is hard to remove a tree in a congested area where there are more infrastructures that could get affected by the procedure. This requires more delicacy, and also the risk of destruction is comparatively high. This is why location can raise the cost up by 30%.

Palm tree removal:

Most of the palm tree supply and installation companies also provide palm tree removal services. The average cost of 30 feet tall palm tree is around $150 to $500, whereas an 80-feet tall palm tree will cost more. Palm trees have to be roped down because of their teeth.

Pine tree removal:

The average cost of 40 feet tall pine tree is almost $400, whereas the cost will increase according to the height. Also, the breed of pine trees affects the cost as some breeds are hard to deal with.

Fallen tree removal:

Fallen trees also have to be removed. It takes comparatively less effort. The average cost of its removal ranges between $75 to $150; the rest depends on the size and other aspects.

If you want a quote to determine how much your tree removal will cost you, you can consult landscape maintenance companies for the exact figure. 

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