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Guide To Grow Palm Trees

In order to give your garden a tropical touch, there is no better solution than palm trees. Since palm trees have a wide range of options and each type varies to some extent, you need to make a careful choice regarding the one that will suit your property best. Here are some general guidelines for you that can help you grow palm trees in your garden and make it look even more lively.

Light requirement:

As mentioned above, palm trees have an extensive range, and it is important to note that not every palm tree needs light; similarly, not every palm tree prefers shade. Depending on the availability of light and shade, it is important to determine the palm type for your property.

Planting the one that requires shade in open sunlight will make it brown and dead. Likewise, planting the one that requires sunlight in shade, will make your tree weak. Palm tree supply and installation companies can help you determine the type and suitable requirements according to your property.

Palm soil requirements:

Just like the right amount of sunlight, same is the case when it comes to the right type of soil. If the soil is not the right one, then this can cause a decline in the health of the trees. There are various palm tree types that are fine with alkaline or even acid ground; however, there are others that are selective when it comes to soil. Get professional help to determine the type of your soil to select the appropriate palm tree.

Moisture requirements:

For the better growth of any plant, moisture really matters. There are some palm trees that require moisture once in a week; however, there are other palm trees that require 4 to 5 times moisture. If palm trees supply and installation companies mix the various palm trees, they make sure about the water habits of each one.

Plant rightly:

Not only picking the right place is important, but also planting it in the right way. It may sound simple, but planting right is the best way to yield best results. Try not to plant young palm trees in dry seasons as they can get damaged since the young trees are more sensitive towards the weather changes.

Manually planting palm trees can jeopardize the success of your endeavor, especially if you have got no such knowledge. Hiring the services of palm trees supply and installation companies can assist you in avoiding such lethal mistakes.

Take proper care of your new palm trees:

Freshly-planted palm trees require great care. Do not forget to water them regularly and properly, as advised by the professional according to the type of palm tree and your soil. For the first 4 weeks, try not to apply any fertilizer: rather let the trees evolve naturally. Maintenance is also important; for that purpose, you should better hire the services of garden maintenance companies.

These guidelines will help you grow palm trees to the maximum extent. Your garden will look even more appealing, you can also grow natural grass along with palm trees for a stunning look.

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