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Differences between natural and artificial grass

Having a beautiful lawn to sit in your home is such a blessing. Greenery in every means, especially in the form of grass, is such a refreshing sight. It makes your house 10 times more attractive. It also increases its sale price. Not only in homes but on any kind of commercial or public property, grass creates a revitalizing environment. It exquisitely compliments the architecture of the house. Above all, in a hot country like UAE, refreshing greenery is such a treat to eyes.

However, such projects need to be handled by professionals for a flawless outcome. It is by no means an easy game. Also, the professionals can analyze which type of grass should be appropriate for your lawn. There is a large variety of grass to choose from. Two types of grass are offered by the Landscape consultancy services companies:

  1. Natural grass.
  2. Artificial grass.

 For this purpose, many artificial grass suppliers and Natural grass suppliers are offering a wide range of grass options in both of the above-mentioned forms. You can choose according to your taste and architectural needs.  

If you are looking for grass for your landscape, and you are confused what to choose (artificial grass or natural grass), don’t worry we have got you covered. Here is all that you need to know about both kinds of grass.

Following are some of the major differences in natural and artificial grass:


Maintenance is what makes grass long-lasting. Natural grass needs a lot of care and maintenance, whereas artificial grass needs no hard and fast maintenance. Artificial grass does not require weeding and watering etc. For monthly or yearly maintenance session of grass, you can call landscape maintenance companies. They handle it very skillfully.

Natural conditions: 

Artificial grass is more likely to handle natural effects. As storms, winds or change in the season does not affect it in a bad way apart from making it dusty and dull. Unlike artificial grass, natural grass is more prone to natural changes for example heavy sunlight fades its color, change in season can shed it. 

Cost of installation:

If you use seeds, it is not much expensive to grow grass. Installing artificial grass costs more than seeding natural grass. Many landscape design companies are doing a great job in both regards. 


For natural grass, you can plant seeds, or lay sod at much greater expense. There will also be ongoing expenses to maintain lawn, like weeding, trimming, watering and re-seeding. Equipment and supplies to mow also count in. 

However, in artificial grass, you don’t have to water it or hire a gardener to take care of it like that of natural grass. It can save a fortune as water is scarce in UAE. Just a regular cleaning like any landscape will do well. 


Apart from maintenance and savings, artificial grass is more durable than natural grass and is perfect for busy families. It can cope with all weather conditions it is comparatively long-lasting.


Innovative grass designs are tremendously real; it is hard to differentiate it from natural grass. Most probably the artificial grass looks more green, shinier and fuller. Its texture is equally soft and crunchy. 

So, if you are looking for something easy to handle yet alluring, artificial grass is the perfect choice for you to make your house even more aesthetic. However, there is nothing that can beat the appeal of natural grass. The choice is all yours!

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