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Common Hardscaping Mistakes In UAE

Call yourself lucky if you have a beautiful landscape in the UAE. Hardscaping, without any doubt, can make your home more attractive. High-quality landscaping projects can even increase the sale value of a place (be it a house or commercial property) up to 15%. Especially, in a hot country like UAE beautiful greenery with the unique architecture around to hangout must be a treat to eyes.

However, these projects need to be executed properly by experts who know everything about hardscaping. It is not an easy job; because if your hardscapes aren’t appropriately executed that would be a disaster to your land and can make your area look even worse.

Many landscape design companies are providing hardscape services. Such landscape consultancy services companies put enough diligence to your hardscape designs to avoid any mishaps and make it look flawless in all ways.

You will never regret consulting a professional hardscape services company to ensure that you have not overlooked any detail because they know better about architecture. Following are some of the simple yet critical hardscaping mistakes you must avoid:

Improper drainage:

You will need to plan drainage in your design, even if your backyard or front yard does not include a huge water feature. Ensure that your plans take watering of plant and natural precipitation into account. Your hardscape procedure should be such that water flows away from your home or building.

Use the drain water to water your plants rather than wasting it in a sewer drain. Failing to take drainage into account when creating hardscape can create significant problems such as eternally soggy yard, and it will also impact the quality of plants.

Misbalance in landscape and hardscape:

Hardscaping design ideas that you call perfect are ones with balance; balance plays an utterly crucial role. A balance of hardscape and any other plants, flowers, or other shrubs create a sense of harmony and a sort of peaceful oasis in your consulted yard area. Your garden needs to have equal parts of curvature and hard lines.

Compaction problems:

Among many other causes of failed hardscapes, compaction is one of the most common. Landscapers end up adding too much amount of dirt and gravel, leaving no room for natural compaction. When land compacts naturally, everything that is installed on top will come up unevenly, and that is a big cringe. Experienced hardscape services professionals’ give keen thought to such mere details to avoid mishaps like these.


Though a well-installed hardscape does not require a ton of maintenance, but maintaining things always nourishes them. Following are the steps you can follow to make your hardscape look new year after year:

  • Sealers can be applied to protect the paver’s color and surface.
  • Regular cleaning and sweeping is recommended.
  • Removing leaves is a must, as allowing leaves to settle increases the chances of them leaving pigments.

These are basic maintenance steps; however, for proper maintenance, you should contact landscape maintenance services company as they will deal with all the work and do it more professionally.

To avoid these and many other hardscaping mistakes, consult experienced hardscape services companies as designs and techniques are evolving and getting on to the next level every passing day. Keep visiting Afnan Landscaping for expert information related to landscape, hardscape, paving, and much more. Contact us for getting the best landscape services in UAE at your doorstep.

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