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Care Instructions For Palm Tree In Hot Weather

To a foreigner, you would describe UAE as a tropical paradise, filled with palm trees, hot weather, and lots of cultures. One of the many things that makes UAE beautiful is our exquisite palm trees. So, it is essential to care for them and maintain their beauty.

If you do not know how to plant them, there are palm tree supply and installation companies that can do it for you. There are also many different options if you can not care for your palm trees. For example, you can hire landscape maintenance service companies to help maintain them in their first couple of months.

Caring for Palm Trees

Palm trees require extra watering and care in their first couple months, so you can hire garden maintenance companies to do this for you, while you do the aftercare. Sometimes they require foliar feeding or granular feeding too. If you have any questions about these, you can call palm tree supply and installation companies. Now, we assure you, caring for palm trees is not rocket science and is actually very easy. You just have to be careful around the hot weather, which requires some aftercare instructions.

Watering Palm Trees

Like all plants, palm trees require lots of water to keep them hydrated in the heat. When it is especially hot, be sure that your palm trees are very moist. You can check this by feeling the soil and checking to see if it is moist or not. Try to deep water, by letting the water slowly seep into the soil, but this could be a lengthy process. Try to water in the mornings, so that your tree can be refreshed and hydrated for the hot afternoons.

Watering sufficiently is one of the most important things when it comes to a plant’s maintenance. Signs that your tree needs more water are that some of the leaves start to turn brown, some leaves might fold or curl up, the trunk might be hollow, or the trunk might collapse.

Caution with watering frequency

To avoid this, make sure you water according to your plant’s needs. It needs to be watered 3-4 times a week but could be everyday or twice a day when it comes to extreme heat; however, over watering can cause fungi to grow. You want to keep an eye on the moistness of the soil by feeling it to know whether it needs water or not.

You also need to prune your palm trees. Pruning is trimming the frond or leaf-like part of a palm tree. Some of them naturally come off, but others need to be trimmed. Be sure to only trim the old, browning, yellow fronds and not the fresh ones because they are needed for nutrients. Do not trim close to the tree either because any punctures can make the tree vulnerable to insects, pests, and diseases. If you need help with pruning, you can get palm tree supply and installation companies to do it for you.

Maintain healthy palm trees

These care instructions should help you to maintain healthy palm trees year-round. But, if you can not care for them, you can call any trees removal company to remove the tree. It is to prevent further damage because not taking the right care of the tree can cause all sorts of fungi and diseases; however this is not needed if you care for your tree right. Remember, a happy palm tree is one that is watered right!

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