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Whether you are a home gardener, a large scale agricultural, commercial operator or you are looking after your own landscape, fields or any other place like that, you need to take care of it in order to make it look perfect and in order to make it a better lively place. As everything needs maintenance and some kind of intake or nutrition for being healthy and alive and even for a proper growth. Just like that plants also need nutrition in the form of fertilizers.


Now what is fertilizer? Any kind of material whether it is natural or it is from synthetic origin. That fertilizer is applied to the soil or to the tissues of plants in order to supply one or more than one plant nutrition essentials for their good quality growth.


Afnan landscaping is a platform which will supply you with the best possible services regarding good quality fertilizers for your plants. We will help you to grow the healthiest plants possible. our patent pending organic growing program will maximize your success!


We will provide you with both macro and micro nutrients which are very helpful for the superior growth of the plants. We deliver them in a form that will be readily available to the plants for immediate results.Our fertilizers enhance the resistance to disease/pathogens. The fertilizers we provide will improve the soil structure and maximise the growth of the roots and even retains the moisture of the soil.


Our professional working experts knows that each plant needs a specific amount of primary nutrients which are nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium. And if some are suffering from coloration, less stunted growth and are having strange multiple buds on them then what is the reason behind? Actually, It is because of the soil which is lacking in some of the essential elements i-e secondary nutrients and micronutrients. But do not worry, we know how to deal with that plant in a better way.


Our professionalism based on the construction, design and commission of new plants has developed a wide range of strategies for the revamping of ammonia and urea plants to meet your objectives, needs and requirements. We are best in improving your annual productivity of plants, to improve the efficiency of plant energy, reliability of plants improvement, the extent of remaining lifetime and to reduce emissions.


We offer you the engineering, operation, maintenance, inspection, repairs, consultations and assessments and even the training and troubleshooting all facilities for your plants just at the distance of a single phone call. Trust us! We will provide you with quality products in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner. Our exceptional services for our customer support and a dynamic and challenging environment has maintained a competitive position in the core business.


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