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Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Dubai

A beautifully designed backyard landscape is the best feeling after coming home from an office full of lights and city filled with hot air. There are so many ways to adapt and trends to follow when it comes to backyard designing in Dubai.

There are many landscape consultancy services companies which you can hire to design your backyard landscape or you can also do on your own by following these ideas:

Heat Beating Plantation

The best way to beat the heat is to have more greenery in your backyard. There are many types of plants that you can have in your backyard to absorb the scorching heat and fill your place with both aroma and beauty of green. Money plant, Plumeria and Jasmine are a few names that you can consider having in your backyard landscape in Dubai.

Vegetable Corner

Green vegetables are also easy to grow at home. You can have an entire corner of your backyard dedicated to these leafy green vegetables and can avail the 2-way benefit of a beautiful landscape as well as organic vegetables at home. You can hire any of the landscape design companies to initially fill in your backyard with these vegetables with a beautiful design and later maintain it on your own, if you have time.


Who could say no to sitting around a waterfall when coming from a hot day? A waterfall in your backyard is the most soothing and relaxing thought when you are absorbing city heat all day. Regardless of the available space, a touch of water element in your backyard design will keep your landscape a step ahead of the regular boring garden. The landscape consultancy services companies can better turn your dream of having a waterfall at home into a reality.

Reflecting Pools

If you are lucky enough to have a larger backyard area, better go for a reflecting pool. Reflecting pools are trending as they can keep up the natural spirit of your landscape and can turn your regular-looking garden into a professionally designed space to spend your leisure time. A flowing design with water and greenery all around, reflecting the beauty of the landscape as well as serving the purpose of your own homemade picnic point.

Patios and Walkways

Accompanied by green leaves all around, water flowing in between of the back yard, if you can add little pathways as well, that will be the cherry on the top. You can hire any of the hardscape services available in town to professionally design it for you, according to the available space. Accompany the pathways with artificial palm trees (hire any palm tree supply and installation companies) to give a more natural look to your backyard. Enjoy a beautiful evening combining all the elements in one place.

These trends are just a few of a huge list and keep on changing depending upon the weather, space, budget, and frequency of maintenance. You can keep following the changing trends listed here to keep the look of your backyard or can hire any landscape consultancy services companies to maintain it for you.

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